Home Decorating: Bathroom On A Budget

When it comes to home decorating there are few rooms that have quite the impact of a bathroom or kitchen when being decorated. There is something wonderful about taking a tired old bathroom and making it seem bright and shiny once again. Most people, however, cringe at the thought of a bathroom remodel fearing the absolute worst when it comes to their financial situation once all is said and done. The good news is that small steps can lead to big changes in rooms as small as bathrooms. These small steps do not have to have large prices in order to be highly effective.

My suggestion with a bathroom is to assess where the worst blemishes and eyesores may be. Painting the walls can be a good place to start but you should first decide whether you are planning to remove any cabinetry. This is one room where it is best to save the painting for later in the project rather than the beginning. The vanity in many bathrooms takes up a good deal of real estate. Gone are the days when chunky cabinets were the popular choice for bathrooms. Now people want the bathrooms to have the appearance of a wide-open space. This means that cabinets and vanities are becoming smaller rather than larger.

Most homeowners find that the removal of bulky cabinetry in the bathroom often leads to some degree of patching required for the drywall and noticeable gaps in flooring. These will need to be addressed fairly quickly, which means that now is a good time to select color options for the walls and flooring. Smaller bathrooms do well with lighter colors on the walls in order to give them a larger appearance. Use towels and decorations to bring in darker accents but keep the walls light and bright. Also choose paint that can withstand the high humidity of bathrooms.

Flooring in a bathroom also needs to be able to withstand high heat and humidity as this room is rather abusive to floors and walls. For this reason, hardwood is not the floor of choice for most bathrooms. Ceramic tile is an excellent choice and not terribly expensive. There are also some laminates that are designed to respond well to a high humidity environment such as will be found in a bathroom. Choose flooring that will accent the walls and the overall sense of dcor you are hoping to achieve when decorating your home and bathroom, as this is not something you are going to want to change often.

The toilet in a bathroom is fairly simple to purchase but I recommend leaving it be unless it absolutely needs to be changed. This is not a simple procedure for the novice and experts are expensive. In this case “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is an excellent motto to live by. The same holds true with the shower. If, however, you simply cannot live with your shower (or bathtub) as is, you may want to try hiring professionals to come in and resurface your tub. This is much less expensive than purchasing a brand-new tub and will have yours looking bright, shiny, and as good as new. Again you can avoid the high cost of a plumber despite the fact that you are paying for professionals to resurface.

To top things off, you will be amazed at the difference that new knobs, fixtures, and hardware can make in a bathroom. Add a couple of lamps for subtle lighting and some decorative touches of your own and you have a brand new bathroom without spending a king’s ransom in order to do so. The shower curtain and ‘guest’ towels should be your largest splurges in your bathroom, as they will tie the room all together. You shower curtains and towels will blend the colors and designs in order to create the overall atmosphere you should be hoping to achieve in your bathroom. And all of this can be accomplished one step at a time no matter how sparse your budget may be.


U.S Homeowners Are In Love with Vinyl Siding

Home Vinyl SidingWhen it comes to siding options today, vinyl is a top pick for American homeowners. Market reports highlight that around 33 percent of new U.S homes have taken to vinyl siding recently and the popular siding material is believed to enjoy a dazzling future. The contemporary vinyl siding has evolved over time and advancements in the manufacturing of technology in the last decade have led to a more improved version – compared to when it was initially introduced in 1950s. The post below shows why vinyl siding is a popular choice today.

Long-standing durability

This is one of the major reasons behind its immense popularity today. In fact, the reports suggest that vinyl siding is able to face over 200 mph wind velocities. This improved siding is equipped to withstand extreme weather and is resistible to cold, heat and moisture issues. Vinyl siding today flaunts the ability to maintain its original appearance and performance for years.

A sustainable option

“Go green” is the most prominent slogan today and vinyl siding seems to be a fitting option here. Insulated vinyl sliding is able to minimize thermal bridging and homes with such siding facility are considered as Energy Star rated homes. So, if you have plans to sell your home in future, the eco-friendly vinyl siding would be a great support for you.

Easy to install

Vinyl sliding also assures installation ease thanks to its lightweight quotient and can be readily installed over the existing materials. In fact, the relatively simpler installation aspect of vinyl siding has made it a favorite among the installers as well. However, when you are looking for a reliable siding installer website, go for a one with Vinyl Siding Institute certified installers.

Diverse options

Vinyl siding comes in a diverse array of textures, colors, profiles and architectural trim. You have cutting edge vinyl siding options today that beautifully emulate the aura of various cladding & architectural accents- such as slate, stone or wood. At present, the Vinyl Sliding Institute has accredited over 350 colors for vinyl siding.

Complements your home

It’s to stress here that vinyl siding has been designed to complement the best accents of any home- regardless of the architectural style. So, when you install vinyl siding on your existing home, you can expect a fitting look.

Easy to maintain

This is surely one of the most important factors behind the popularity of vinyl siding today. Maintenance is a real breeze – there is no need to paint it and an annual cleaning with soapy water would be enough. Moreover, the vinyl option isn’t susceptible to insect damage, cracking or rotting issues.

Easy on the wallet

Last but not least, vinyl siding assures lower installation costs compared to other forms of exterior cladding. The maintenance cost is really negligible here which again makes it a really affordable option for homeowners.

Cleaning And Caring For Your Floor


Someone has rightly said that it is not enough to just own good. The beauty and the importance of owing it are only visible when the owner maintains it or rather in other words keeps it clean. Same is with floors. The maintenance of the floors is better done when you clean them in the required and the technical way.
Basic tips:
Because floors are so impenetrable, they are easy to keep clean. Most, if not all, polish will not stick to their surface area. All that is really compulsory is vacuuming, dust mopping, and maybe a damp towel at times.
Most brands carry a 10 to 25 year housing warranty against staining, wearing, and fading. They are planned to look good for many years with a minimum of effort.
The action of cleaning:
While floors of some specific type are meant to stand up to wear, they keep a new look if you follow these simple behaviors:
* Vacuum or dust mop to take out loose dirt or grit.
* Damp mop using warns water; do not flood floor.
* Change water as needed to keep clean.
* Do not use polish or waxes
* Never clean with abrasives, scour powder or steel wool.
* Wipe up spills instantaneously.
* Avoid allowing any liquid to stand on your floor – together with your pets water bowl
How to fight dirt?
Dirt is the primary enemy of floors. Walking over time causes fine scratch that lead to dreariness and larger particle of sand or rocks cause visible scratch. A couple of behavior here includes:
* Glides or lessen bottom protectors under chairs and table legs to prevent possible scratching
* Floor mats and foot brushes to pick up dirt at all external doorway entrances
* Regular vacuuming and dust mopping to keep gravel off the floor.
If your scratch, you may be able to buy a touch up stick from the maker. The repair area is often invisible plus it will hold up to interchange and wear just like the rest of your floor.
In the occurrence damage is more severe (which is doubtful to happen in most homes) it is possible for a trained professional to replace a plank. Done properly, the new flat timber should be almost the same from the rest.
* Oil, paint, permanent marker, tar, rubber heel marks use a neutral cleaner on a clean brightness colored cloth or nail polish remover if needed
* Blood, fruit juice, wine, beer, soda pop, pasta sauce
Warm water and/or a impartial cleaner on a clean light colored cloth.
* Candle wax, chewing gum
First harden with ice, and then very softly scrape. Wipe with warm water on a clean light colored cloth.
Let the floor shine and let not dirt make its home on the floor. So maintain it and clean it smartly.

Floor care – For a long lasting effect

We use and misuse the floor in our house in a number of different ways. Some of which are, not cleaning them regularly, rough usage and improper usage of acids and detergents. Floors need specific care, and not many people are aware of how to do it. But there are a number of floor care techniques that can be followed for a healthy, long lasting and durable floor under your feet. You should be very careful while making a choice of how to clean your floor by being material specific. For instance – if you have marble flooring, the care measures will be completely different, than those of a mosaic floor. Also if you are not too much into house keeping, it is recommended that you choose a material that requires minimal care and maintenance.

Floor care tips –

Following are some floor care tips according to flooring materials that are used for flooring –
1. Hard wood floors – All you have to do is protect your hard wood from direct sunlight, dents and hard cleaning detergents. Also regular dusting is very essential.
2. Marble – Marble is the most beautiful and rich looking flooring material. Marble can be blackened very quickly, if not taken care of properly. So it is important that the floor is mopped and swept daily with a lightly acidic detergent.
3. Ceramic tile – Ceramic tile care and maintenance is best done with an electric polisher or scrubber. You can also use washing soda and any low sudsing detergent with lots of water too.
4. Mosaic floor – Mosaic flooring is very hard and durable and hence very low maintenance too.
5. Vinyl – If you have vinyl flooring, you must make sure that you wipe up the spills as quickly as possible. Do not use detergents and highly abrasive scrubs, use polish once in a while.
Take all these care precautions and you will be assured of a long lasting, durable floor under your feet. If you have painted floor, make sure you give a fresh coat once in a while, as paint tends to loose color and become dull fast. Also don’t paint your floor in a light color, as stains remain stuck.

There are many floor care products in the market, for specific floor types, go by the words of your reliable friends who have had a good experience with a specific brand.

Sweet Dreams In Baby Furniture Land

There are many different kinds of dog trainer collars. How do you know you are choosing the correct one for you and your dog? There are many things to take into consideration, when making this decision. Sometimes knowing how to choose, the right trainer over so many others can be a bit overwhelming. Arent they all the same? Actually, many of them may look the same, and some of them even work the same way, but they are all different, to allow a variety for different kinds of dogs.

The most commonly used dog trainer collar is the collar with the remote. This particular collar will stimulate your dog in a safe and humane way to help you train your dog more effectively. The way this one works is to attach a collar to your dog, which is then ready to provide stimulation to your pet, to make him stop misbehaving and irritate him to the point that he stops and listens to your command. After so many times of using this collar and remote system, your dog will listen to you and respect your commands for fear of being irritated with the stimulation. This is a most effective way to train your dog with a collar. The difference in the many remote and collars available can be the range of the remote control, as well as the collar that is needed for your particular dog. This is many times based on the weight of the dog, as to which collar would work better on him.

Another dog trainer collar method that is used would be the one where you would bury a wire in your yard. You would bury this wire wherever you want to keep your dog out of. For instance, if you want to keep your dog in the yard, bury the wire around the perimeter of your lawn, and attach the collar to your dog. Your pet will learn very fast not to cross over the buried wire. When your dog gets close to the wire, a clicking noise will warn your dog about the stimulation that is about to occur. This method is most effective for the dog owner that is not always home to use a remote.

While looking for a dog trainer collar, try choosing the one that is best for you and your dog. You both will be much happier once your misbehaved dog is behaving like he should.